Junsui Ai Chapter four

Title: Junsui Ai
Author: Bells
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, Merry mpreg
Pairing: Pippin/Merry duh! (in that order, I might add)
Rating: Erm, I'm just keeping it at PG-13 for now, to play it safe
Summary: An unexpected miracle happens at the most unexpected time. Along with it comes new surprises, pain, and stretch marks.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Tolkien owns the hobbits. OH. I DO own Baby. I'm calling himher that for now until I come up with a name. Well, even then I think I'm going to call himher Baby so y'all don't get any hints. I still don't know if it's a him or a her yet... Oh, and I don't own the actors. If I did, then would I be here writing this? I think NOT. *daydreams of Dom*

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Junsui Ai Chapter Three

Ugh, yeah yeah I know. It's been FOREVER since the last chapter, and about six months since the chapter before that, and I am really, truly sorry about that. My mind has been so horrible, and I haven't had time at all. Even though summer started a while ago, I haven't had the drive nor the patience for writing this. Well, I'm lying yet again. I DID start chapter three, but our computer crashed and it's long gone. So, I'm starting over. There's a few notes inside of the cut. Links to past chapters inside cut.

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Merry/Pippin mpreg list

Recently I put together a list of Merry/Pippin (and Pippin/Merry) mpreg fics for albino_hedgehog and bohemian_sheep and I thought you might like it if I shared it with the community.

If you can think of any links that are missing, please tell me.

"Baby Piper" (NC-17, Pippin/Merry)

"Painting" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Swing" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"The Hobbit's Alphabet" (G, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo)
02. B is for Baby
04. D is for Daddy and Different
06. F is for Family
14. N is for Nightmare
19. S is for Sheep
23. W is for Wedding and Writing
25. Y is for Yule
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)
"Untitled" (G, Merry/Pippin)

Amber Moore
"The Old Took Charm" (R, Pippin/Merry)

"Making Babies" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin)
"Moon Cycle" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Pippin/OC)
01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4

"Beneath it All" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo, Gimli/Legolas)
"New Beginnings" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo, Gimli/Legolas, Elrohir/Elladan)
"Building the Future" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo, Gimli/Legolas, Elrohir/Elladan, Gloin/OMC, Glorfindel/Elrond, OMC/Gandalf)
"Bringing Up Babies" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo, Gimli/Legolas, Elrohir/Elladan/Miriel, Gloin/OMC, Glorfindel/Elrond, OMC/Gandalf)
"Bindings of Love" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo, Gimli/Legolas, Elrohir/Elladan/Miriel, Gloin/OMC, Glorfindel/Elrond, OMC/Gandalf)

"Untitled" (NC-17, Pippin/Merry)

"I'm Going To Look After You?" (NC-17, Pippin/Merry)

Fyre Fairie
"An Adventure In the World of Babies" (PG-13, Merry/Pippin)

"The Brandybuck Curse" (PG-13, Merry/Pippin)
01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3

"Secrets Hidden" (PG-13, Merry/Pippin)

"A Question of Blood" (NC-17, Merry/Pippin)
00. Prologue
01. Chapter 1
"Pretty baby" (PG, Merry/Pippin, Sam/Frodo)

"The Search" (NC-17, Pippin/Merry)

"Junsui Ai" (PG-13/R, Pippin/Merry)
01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4

(I also have a Sam/Frodo mpreg list here.)

Junsui Ai, Chapter the Second

Hello, all of you patient and wonderful people! I'm back with the next chapter of my story! Yes, I know it's been several months, and I apologize. Please forgive me. I have been incredibly busy...not much of an excuse, but anyways...

http://community.livejournal.com/merry_mpreg/4074.html#cutid1 <---Chapter One

I finally came up with a title! It's called Junsui Ai, which means Pure Love in japanese. -_-

Disclaimer: I wish I owned these wonderful little hobbitses. Wouldn't that be just wonderful? Or better yet...I wish I owned Billy and Dom...
Warnings: Some morning sickness, among...other things...and orcses! Can't forget the orcses! XD

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Hello Everyone! ^_^;

I just joined this community! I've been watching it for quite sometime. I adore Merry and this whole idea is just so cute to me ^___^!
I'm very new at writing but I'd be willing to try something!

This challenge someone posted awhile back seems like a really interesting story, I read that a few people were working on this, I'm not sure if anyone's finished.. but I'm willing to give a go on this too.
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(no subject)

You see what guilt does to a person? Guilt for promising a story four months ago...and nada until now. So sorry! But, my mind has been working nonstop for the past hour and I can't sleep. 2:45 in the morning! Oh well, I'll spare you the drama and just give you the Chapter 1, or Prolougue, or whatever you want to call it ^^

Title: Currently unnamed...Ideas anyone? Sorry I'm scatterbrained -.-
Author: TehOneRing
Fandom: Does that mean Merry mpreg? Or what? I don't know...
Pairing: Pippin/Merry duh!
Rating: Well this first chapter will probably be either PG-13 or R, since there's some *clears throat loudly* things going on
Summary: An unexpected miracle happens at the most unexpected time, causing stress, pain, and stretch marks (it's better than it sounds, I promise)
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, the movies, the books, the actors, or this wonderful community. I don't even own myself.
Warnings: Well, lemony stuff in this chapter, bloody things much later, and morning sickness. Mild humor sprinkled throughout because I'm in a humorous mood, and much angst.

Well, here we go. Read and comment please! (yay for learning how to lj-cut XD)

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Fic: The Search for Baeslarian-Leaf

Hello All *waves*
This is a fic I wrote for Merry_Lover. Merry_Lover posted a request on fic_on_demand and I thought it'd be fun to give it a shot. Merry_Lover liked the finished product so much, I was asked to post it here. I hope you all enjoy it.

Warings: mpreg, hints of incest, graphic sex scene, NC-17Collapse )
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Title: Baby Piper

Author: Adrian

Pairing: M/P

Rating: NC-17

Summary: night of passion leads to one week early labor and birth

Warnings: Detailed natural birth (not a warning really) no pain killers

Disclaimer: Characters not mine, I have no money don't sue please.


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